Tenerife, awakens emotions

Tenerife, the largest and most populous of the Canary Islands, called “The island of eternal spring” for the sake of its all-year-long flowering period. Situated just 300 km from the shores of Africa, the island however belongs to Europe being an integral part of Spain. Therefore while being on Tenerife although the climate is african, we still remain within European Union.

In a contrast to Arab countries of northern Africa, on the Canaries european laws and customs prevail. In spite of the proximity to african continent mentioned above, Tenerife is well known for its cleanliness and safety. The whole Canaries are free from african diseases including malaria or the well know Curse of Pharaoh, any kinds of parasites or dangerous animals.

The above-mentioned aspects along with many others make Tenerife a perfect place for family visits. It’s a perfectly fitted place for both children and seniors. Canary Islands as well as whole Spain are exeptionally friendly for the youngest holidaymakers, whose needs and habits are particularly respected.

The currency is Euro, and although the official language is Spanish, in the tourist zone you can easily communicate in English, German, French or Russian.

Tenerife amazes with its extraordinary diversity. Despite its relatively small area of little over 2000km², you can find here both dark-sand beaches stretching along the shores, semideserts, urban areas, farmlands, mountains, rainforest and even lunar landscape of Teide crater.

The most impressive thing however, is the variery of activities offered by Tenerife. There’s something for everybody. Numerous restaurants and bars offer delicacies from almost every corner of the world. Depending on direction you chose, the environment and climatic conditions will vary from a place you were just 15 km before. It is a perfect place for all kinds of sports, from water sports, airborne sports to off-road driving and nordic walking or hiking. Throughout the year you can surf, windsurf, kitesurf, dive, sail along the shores or enjoy trekking and nordic walking. No matter what your tastes are, for sure you’ll find Tenerife a place to be. After all there must be a reason why for the centuries Canaries were called “The happy islands”.

The weather in Tenerife is satisfying all year long. Similarly to Europe the winters are quite cooler and summers much warmer, however the average annual temperature does not fall below 25°C, so you are welcome to visit any time you wish. However, depending on the place you choose to stay for the certain part of year, the weather conditions may vary. Similarly the surrounding environment and general offer itself are characterized with considerable diversity.

If while reading this text you are preparing for your first visit to Tenerife, be prepared to be trully amazed and enchanted by beauty and diversity od ths amazing island. If it’s not your first visit, then you already know and are perfectly aware that you can never be bored here, as Tenerife holds countless secrets and surprises.

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Álex González