Whale Watching In Tenerife: Top 9 excursions

Dominated by a dormant volcano, Mount Teide, Tenerife is the only largest Canary Island in Spain. Various events take place on this island like Carnaval de Santa Cruz, music and dancing night, etc. The location also hosts some of the exotic and mind-blowing beaches like Playa de las Americas and Los Cristianos that tourists find irresistible to cancel their touring plans. 

Among these places in Tenerife whale watching is one of the most popular excursion places among tourists who come from every corner of the world. The reason behind its popularity is the optimal conditions that the water here consists of for nearly all kinds of marine life. There are about 21 different whale species seen anytime during the visit. This guide explains in detail about multiple whale watching Tenerife excursions and what to expect on a visit to this gorgeous place in Spain.

Whale watching Tenerife Los Gigantes

About Los Gigantes

Los Gigantes, also known as “The Giants” is situated in the municipality of Santiago del Teide. It is famous for massive rock formations starting from the sea and rising to about 800 meters in height. Furthermore, Los Gigantes is also very famous for whale watching Tenerife excursions.

Excursion # 1 – Whale Watching Tenerife in a charter sailboat

About the excursion – This tour is about marine life sightseeing in a chartered sailboat. You can see turtles, pilot whales, and beautiful dolphins in the open water. If you want, you can swim or snorkel in a designated location at this whale watching Tenerife excursion and later feast your appetite with delicious sandwiches, fruits, and good wine. 

Pickup and return – These types of tours offer to pick up from hotels or you can meet at the meeting point. The trip ends back at the meeting point or drop off at your hotel.

Accessibility – Due to the trip’s nature, disabled tourists in wheelchairs and patients with heart problems are not allowed to avoid any unpleasant incident. However, infants in strollers and service animals can join the trip.

Food and drinks – During this whale watching Tenerife trip, the tourists are served various tailored sandwiches like gluten-free, vegan, or vegetarian ones along with cava, soft drinks, wine, etc.

Trip duration and price – The trip is approximately 3 hours long and charges €70 per person.

Excursion # 2 – Whale Watching Tenerife on a Cruise with Lunch

About the excursion – These types of trips are organized on a cruise boat to watch dolphins and whales in their natural habitat. On this trip, you can experience the sight of marine wildlife such as sea turtles, cetaceans, and fish either at Los Gigantes cliffs or snorkel in clear water. Watch out for bottlenose dolphins, pilot whales, and some native species like loggerhead sea turtles and sperm whales in this whale watching Tenerife trip as they appear to inhale oxygen and dive back into the ocean. 

Pickup and return – The meeting point for this trip is the Los Gigantes port. Leaving here, you will have the opportunity to watch marine life and take photos. Later, the trip will take you to the Los Gigantes cliffs which rise to 600 meters. Swim or snorkel to your heart’s content and then return to your meeting/pickup point.

Accessibility – This trip is usually for a small group of 10 tourists but does not allow tourists with wheelchairs and heart problems to board the cruise. Also, the use of alcohol and fireworks, etc. is prohibited to carry on the cruise.

Food and drinks – The trip includes tasty meals such as cured meat, tortilla, cheese, etc.

Trip duration and price – This trip is also 3 hours long and costs €65 per person

Eco whale watching Tenerife

The term eco whale watching refers to the low impact on the water to avoid creating a disturbance in the ocean that may affect the natural routine life of whales/dolphins. There are several reasons why whales get disturbed during tourist visits. First of all, it may be due to the closeness of two or multiple ships that may create much noise and result in giving stress to sea creatures. 

The second reason may be due to the boat’s design. If the boat’s design is not hull, it will also create lots of noise during movement in the sea. Nowadays, whale watching Tenerife tourism companies focus on creating boats with the following features that are beneficial for both tourists and sea creatures.

  • Making hull-designed boats to reduce noise and improve fuel efficiency.
  • Using the 4-stroke engine to reduce fuel consumption
  • Using a surface propulsion system that is comparably quieter than the noise of raindrops falling on the ground.

Excursion # 3 – Whale Watching Tenerife in an eco-cruise

The dolphin and whale watching Tenerife excursion initiated with a short announcement about safety precautions. Later on, tourists hop on the fuel-efficient catamaran that takes them to the whale and dolphin watching spots. A live commentary in English and other languages will provide you with valuable information about whales and dolphins.

The boat will stop at Teno-Rasca Whale Sanctuary so that you can experience one of the best whale watching Tenerife excursions. If you like, you can swim and even see a glimpse of Mount Teide, if you are lucky. 

Later, the trip included a visit to the Masca and Los Gigantes and a serving of Paella Valenciana which is one of the Spanish Traditional foods. The overall whale watching Tenerife excursion is 3-5 hours long and costs about €40 per person

Whale watching Santa Cruz Tenerife

About Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz is one of the largest ports situated on the western island. The port consists of some of the most beautiful and jaw-dropping avenues, landscapes, and squares that have amazing architecture. The port is known for the Carnival and beaches as las Teresitas attracts tourists from around the world including some of the amazing whale watching Tenerife tourism spots.

Excursion # 4 – Whale Watching Tenerife in a Catamaran with Food and Drinks


About the excursion – This is a short dolphin and whale watching Tenerife trip to see whales and dolphins and is highly recommended for tourists who unfortunately have limited time but want to see marine life above water. On this visit, you can see the whales and dolphins in their natural habitat. You can feast on the delicious Tapas, Spanish meals, and some drinks along the trip to get you refreshed in a short time.

Pickup and return – This Tenerife whale and dolphin watching trip offers meeting points at different locations like Playa de las Americas, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, or Puerto Colón. Some companies also offer hotel pickups but sometimes the pickup time varies between 20 minutes to 1 hour before sailing. The sail starts from Dock # 6 and ends back at the meeting or pick-up point. 

Accessibility – Tourists with wheelchairs are not permitted to go on the sail. However, infants in strollers are allowed. There is a maximum capacity of 24 tourists per trip.

Food and drinks – On this whale watching Tenerife journey, the lunch includes various cold meats and snacks and there are cava, beers, and soft drinks for the beverages

Trip duration and price – This is also the best whale watching tour Tenerife offers which is 3 hours long and charges about €59 per person.

Excursion # 5 – No Whale Watching Tenerife trip to Snorkel with Turtles and Kayak with Dolphins


About the excursion – This trip is not about whale watching Tenerife excursion but it’s still extremely exciting. The journey takes you into the Atlantic Ocean to wander around on the ocean with sea kayak. Witness the dolphins travel with you from the kayak or snorkel to see the turtles wandering in their natural environment. Besides being extremely adventurous, this whale watching Santa Cruz Tenerife expedition, the trip is highly demanding among tourists as it also welcomes tourists with no kayak experience.

During the excursion, you can observe five different dolphin species including stripped and bottlenose. Furthermore, enjoy exotic coastal views, and experience the jaw-dropping sight of Guaza cliff, a natural monument 400 m high above sea level and home to various birds

Pickup and return – The meeting point is at the tourists’ company office in Santa Cruz, and the trip starts and ends back at the meeting point.

Accessibility – Disabled persons in a wheelchair are not allowed. If the trip cancels due to poor weather conditions, you have the choice to pick an alternate date or get a full refund. Since the trip is a bit risky, there is an age restriction of a minimum of 14 years for tourists. This trip is not recommended for travelers with back problems, pregnancy, or heart problems. Most importantly, the tourist must have moderate fitness conditions and be able to swim.

Food and drinks – No food and water are allowed

Trip duration and price – The trip’s duration is 3 hours long and charges €39 per person

Whale watching Tenerife Costa Adeje

About Costa Adeje

The Costa Adeje is famous among tourists mainly due to its sandy beaches, luxurious hotels, resorts, and center of attraction for high-end entertainment. The spot promises pleasure, relaxation, and of course beautiful sunshine.

Excursion # 6 – Whale Watching Tenerife with Panoramic Underwater Views


About the excursion – This whale and dolphin watching Tenerife excursion are on a catamaran, a two-hulled sailboat that is much safer and more spacious than a conventional boat with a single hull. On this trip, you also have the opportunity to see the marine life in their natural habitat from underwater viewing stations. During the trip, the guide will explain to you about these whales and dolphins in multiple languages.

Pickup and return – In this Tenerife whale watching trip, either you can request a pickup from the hotel or meet at the meeting point at Puerto Colon. The catamaran sails from there and returns to the meeting point.

Accessibility – Disabled tourists in wheelchairs are also allowed to board. In case you are prone to seasickness, you must bring your medication on the trip. 

Food and drinks – There is no food and drinks served on the trip, so you need to make your arrangements.

Trip duration and price – The whale watching Tenerife trip is 2 hours long and it is about €27 per person.

Excursion # 7 – Whale Watching Tenerife in Luxury Sail with Lunch


About the excursion – This whale watching Tenerife expedition sails to the point of marine life sightseeing on a personalized luxurious sailboat. On this private whale watching Tenerife trip, the professional crew members will assist you during this trip and explain marine life in detail and take you to places where you can witness cetaceans, seabirds, and turtles in their natural habitat. Fond of swimming? Then you can swim to your heart’s content or even snorkel in the warm water. Then on this Tenerife whale watching trip, feast your appetite with delicious snacks and drinks and make this event memorable for your life. 

Pickup and return – You have the choice to get picked up from your hotel or you can meet at the designated meeting point to start the exciting trip.

Food and drinks – The trip includes various types of light snacks and cava, soft drinks, beer, etc. beverages.

Trip duration and price – This trip on a personalized sailboat is 3 hours long and charges €50 per person.

Whale watching Los Cristianos Tenerife

About Los Cristianos

Los Cristianos is a town located on the southwestern coast of Tenerife. It is known as a center of water sports, beautiful beaches, an attractive spot for buying native clothes and crafts, or visiting the zoo to see iguanas, parrots, etc. Tenerife whale watching, besides various activities, is also a very common tourist place to visit marine life.

Excursion # 8 – Whale Watching Tenerife in the Atlantic Ocean

About the excursion – Set your sail from Los Cristianos harbor and be amazed to see the majestic dolphins and whales in the Atlantic Ocean during this memorable whale watching Tenerife excursion. Not only will you get the opportunity to view Mount Teide, the largest dormant volcano in the canary island, but also witness the exotic Tenerife coastline that stretches beautifully from one point to another.

Pickup and return – You can get to any of the meeting points from Rincon del Puerto, Los Cristiano harbor, or Santa Cruz de Tenerife, and the trip ends back at the meeting point.

Accessibility – This trip does not allow disabled tourists in wheelchairs. However, service pets and infants in strollers are allowed. The trip capacity on this excursion is 136 travelers.

Food and drinks – This Tenerife whale watching outing does not offer any kind of food and drinks so you will have to make your arrangements.

Trip duration and price – The trip is 2 hours long and costs €15 per person.

Excursion # 9 – Whale Watching Tenerife in an Eco-Yacht Cruise


About the excursion – Don’t miss the chance to see whales, dolphins, turtles, and even killer sharks on an eco-yacht that produces little noise and does not disturb marine life. On this Tenerife whale watching trip, you can be assured to be amazed to see different kinds of whales, dolphins, turtles, and even killer sharks. Later on, you will see the cave of love and just before the trip ends, avail yourself of the chance to swim and snorkel along the coast of Tenerife.

Pickup and return – The pickup point is at the Los Cristianos port and the trip ends back at the returning point.

Food and drinks – Unfortunately in this Tenerife whale watching expedition, you will have to arrange your meal on this excursion as unfortunately, this trip does not offer any kind of food or drinks.

Trip duration and price – This trip is 2 hours long and charges from €25 per person.

Whale watching Tenerife season

There is no specific season to plan for whale watching Tenerife excursions because the season lasts all year round. But if you wish to see specific species of them, you may consult with the residing touring companies to inquire about the whereabouts of your preferred species. 

Whale watching months

No matter which month you plan to visit Tenerife, you will have the best whale watching Tenerife excursion of your life because the whales, dolphins, and other sea creatures are waiting for you all year round here. January to December is always the best time for whale watching the Tenerife expedition as you will see pilot whales, sperm whales, humpback whales, blue whales, bottlenose dolphins, and killer sharks if you are lucky. So there is no need to worry about missing the exotic sightseeing of whales or dolphins at any Tenerife whale watching trip.

Other exciting excursions in Tenerife

Tenerife is much more than just cruising in the water, snorkeling, swimming, or watching whales and dolphins. There is a plethora of tourist locations that you can explore on this canary island. From quad biking to paragliding and touring in a Cabrio bus, the canary island has got many spots, besides whale watching Tenerife excursions, to provide you with ultimate pleasure. Following is a brief explanation of some of the most famous excursion spots in Tenerife:

Paragliding Tandem Flight 

Besides whale watching Tenerife excursion, this trip involves jumping from a high point on a mountain and flying in the sky with a trained professional to help you glide in the air on the beautiful coast. The term tandem paragliding means two persons gliding in the air, one your instructor and the other yourself. Witness some of the most beautiful spots Tenerife offers from a different perspective.

Full-Day Teide Trip in Cabrio Bus

Unlike the whale watching Tenerife trips, this excursion takes you to different places in a Cabrio bus that offers a 360-degree view of the sightseeing. This is a full-day trip and involves traveling to some of the historic places and beautiful landscapes in Costa Adeje. This is the kind of trip

Quad Bike in Forest


This is one of the most adventurous excursions in Tenerife. The trip involves riding a quad bike all over dirt tracks, green forests, mountains, and gorgeous landscapes. Later, you will reach Vilaflor and Arona, two villages situated at 1,400 m and 600 m above sea level respectively. Compared to the whale watching Tenerife excursion that sails on the ocean, this journey is very rough and bumpy making the trip exciting as well as full of curiosity.

Full-Day Trip in a Cable Car


This excursion offers you the opportunity to see some of the jaw-dropping views of Tenerife from 3,555 m above the ground via cable car. Unlike the whale watching Tenerife excursions that are 2-3 hours long, it is a full-day trip where the cable car reaches a station at the maximum height from where you can either go back to your starting point or hike to Pico Viejo, a volcanic mountain.

The Takeaway

There are tons of Tenerife whale watching opportunities throughout this canary island. You can watch different whales and dolphins, swim to your heart’s content, or snorkel and discover a whole new world underwater and have the best time for whale watching in Tenerife. The companies in Tenerife offer these excursions in different packages depending on your interest and ensure that every photo you take during this trip becomes the collection of a memorable journey ever done.

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