Teide Challenge

For those seeking a real adventure combined with enjoying some of the most spectacular and not so accessible for everybody, aspects of Mount Teide, you will be offer a chance to participate in real life quest to reach the top of a 3718m tall Pico del Teide!

The expedition starts in the afternoon when with all equipement prepared (frame backpacks, trekking shoes, sleeping bags, food and water and general expedition equipement) and after a specially prepared warm up exercises, you turn your heads up to the top of the biggest mountain in the whole Spain and begin our 6 hours trekking up the muntain. Those, who wish to be part of this amazing adventure but don’t feel up to it are welcomed to join us by using cable car (included in the price). At 3555m above the sea level, you make the camp. You can choose between sleeping in Refugio (included in the price) or like researchers of old, spending the night in sleeping bags under the naked sky. Before you call it a night through, there’s still a lot to do. Teide Night sky is one not to be ignored. The little light pollution and altitude above sea level give us a possibility to really see the stars! That’s why you always have your telescopes with us. Evening activities, therefore, contain telescope observations, astrophotography and stories about the great deeds of ancestors as well as enjoying delicious food and drinks prepared for the quest.

The morning greets us already on the top of Teide as you wake up early and in the cover of night make our way to the very top. At the moment of sunrise that you observe from 3718 m above the sea level, you are greeted to such spectacular sights like the very first rey of the sun, called the blue ray and the longest shadow on Planet Earth! After small breakfast, your quest is not yet fulfilled. This is the time to see into the belly of the beast and enter the inside of the Volcano itself! The smell of sulphur combined with the steam blowing up as well as the vastness thats spreads below us, are the culmination of our c.a. 18 hour expedition.

Included: Framed backpacks, sleeping bags, expedition equipment, trekking shoes, op. cable car, food and drinks, telescope observations.

For sleeping in Refugio – booking in advance min. 2 weeks, preferable more.

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Álex González