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    Trekking Teide

    5 out of 5
    Price from 55.00 / pers.

    Vulcano Teide hosts many wanders and to see at least part of them require leaving the common roads and reaching further into the marvelous Caldera. That’s why we prepared a special trekking route to show you our favourite parts of the crater.

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    Stargazing Experience on Teide by Night

    5 out of 5
    Price from 65.00 / pers.

    Along with the darkness comes the most spectacular view of Tenerife’s Night Sky! Here you can feel the vastness of the Universe where thousands of stars appear to have formed a blanket over the islands.

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    Trekking Masca

    5 out of 5
    Price from 60.00 / pers.

    Masca Ravine is a unique place with is exceptional microclimate, fauna and flora, what makes the trekking down the ravine a real feast for body and senses!

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  • sunrise

    Teide Sunrise

    Price from 180.00 / pers.

    It’s the most unique experience imaginable and the best adventure of Your life! Teide Sunrise excursion offers you the chance to see the sunrise from. – the sunrise!

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