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Stargazing VIP Experience

VIP experience VIP experience
Meal made especially for you Meal made especially for you
Astrophotography equipment Astrophotography equipment
Observations with various telescopes Observations with various telescopes


Private excursion with the astronomer and astronomer assistant. An unforgettable experience made by the winner of multiple awards – World Tour Operator of the Year 2016 and Tour Operator of the Year 2017 for Spain – a chance to see beyond the horizon and be part of something great!


Stargazing VIP Experience

A private excursion with astronomer and astronomer’s assistant. An unforgettable experience made by the winners of multiple awards – World Tour Operator of the Year 2016 and Tour Operator of the Year 2017 for Spain.

A chance to see beyond the horizon and be part of something great!

The Universe is open to you while on the excursion with the Travel Tenerife team. They will take you up on Mount Teide and show you the night sky like you’ve never seen before. With their professional telescopes and astrophotography equipment you will be able to see the planets of our Solar system, distant galaxies, nebulas, clusters and so much more!

A private excursion with your own personal astronomer and astronomer’s assistant

  • Luxury transport provided

  • Meal adjusted to your needs and requirements with a choice of Asian cuisine (sushi, soup, crispy duck, dessert), Indian cuisine (samosas, curry, vegetables) or a barbecue on the spot.

  • Moet y Chandon Champagne just for you

  • A private photography session

  • Observations with both optical telescopes as well as with the professional astrophotography robotic telescope

  • Operate the robotic telescope yourself! – the astronomer will explain how the robotic telescope works and assist you in setting it up and positioning it to be able to shoot the furthest deep sky objects.


Additional information

Extra options:
  • Special car – you feel like travelling with style? Let us know and we’ll make sure you’ll get to Teide in a car suited for the best adventure of your life!
  • Bodyguards – need special protection and privacy? We work with best bodyguard agency on the Island.
  • Dinner of your dreams? When dining under the stars your meal can be specially arranged to fulfill your every expectation with life chefs and waiting services.
  • Wish to have your own breathtaking pictures of the furthest object remastered for you? We’ll use our specialistic software to make your picture highest level!
  • We’ll be happy to make any arrangements to make your experience remarkable!