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Stargazing on Mount Teide – observations only


Enjoy a wonderful evening of astronomy, stargazing and telescope observations. Come with your own car and join our team of astronomers on Mount Teide, the highest peak of Spain and the whole Atlantic Ocean and see the beauty of the Universe with your own eyes! Galaxies, clusters, nebulas, planets of our Solar System – that’s just a part of what you will see during your Stargazing Experience! 


Stargazing on Mount Teide - observations only

If you want to experience an incredible evening among the stars and take part in night sky observations together with professional astronomers, certified by Starlight, this offer is just for you!

Take your car and join our guides on Teide volcano.

An unforgettable experience and chance to see the Universe with your own eyes! Tenerife is the best astro tourism destination in the whole world so once here, stargazing is a must do activity. Join the best team of highly certified astronomers for the best science adventure of your life. Our multilingual team and variety of professional telescopes and astrophotography gear will make your experience the best night of your stay in Tenerife!
Join us up on Mount Teide and enjoy 2 hour session of observations. Get ready to see planets of Solar System, nebulas, clusters, distant galaxies and much more! The evening will end with souvenir from the team – a commemorative picture with Teide and the stars which will be available on our facebook page!
Children are welcome!
Travel Tenerife makes sure there are enough telescopes and guides to make your experience the most pleasurable!

Additional information


  • night sky observations
  • astrophotography
  • excursion photos

Not included:

  • pickup and transport
  • sun observations
  • sunset with cava and photos
  • restaurant meal



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