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Stargazing in Lanzarote – without meal


Magical experience of real life astronomy, stargazing, telescope observations and astrophotography of one of the best skies in the World. See distant galaxies, nebulas, clusters, planets of our Solar System and much more with your own eyes! Learn about Lanzarote night sky and bring home the most breathtaking memories. Combine your tour with transport from your hotel area.


Stargazing in Lanzarote - without meal

Observing the night sky brings a sense of pure wonder and realization.

The Canary Islands are one of the world’s top astro tourism destinations, mainly because the skies are so clear and abundant with celestial objects that they are considered a protected space and due to their low levels of light pollution have three Starlight Reserve certifications .

Lanzarote is one of the oldest of the Canary Islands and has been described as making you feel like you’re on a different planet. Great parts of its surface are covered with ashes and lava creating a lunar landscape. So what better place for Travel Tenerife to bring their award winning Stargazing Experience. After the popularity of the tour in Tenerife our astronomy team decided to share their knowledge with visitors and residents of the other Canary Islands and with lots of requests from holidaymakers Gran Canaria became the second Island where we were able to recreate our Stargazing Experience. This created more interest among the other islands with enquiries from agents who had heard we had expanded our tour so we researched further and finally decided on Lanzarote.

Our astronomers have such a passion to share their knowledge with you, telling  you historys and stories of our dark skies and when darkness falls on Lanzarote a whole new world opens up. So open your mind and let your imagination take you for a walk through the universe, passing planets of our solar system, nebulae, sliding through the milky way and landing on the moon. With objects constantly changing throughout the year and the Canary Islands being a year round tourist destination there is always something for our astronomers to share with you and with the use of our high powered telescopes you get to see them with your own eyes.

The guides will pick you up in their air conditioned mini buses and drive you through the beautiful landscapes of Lanzarote moving  on to the best location to make the night sky observations once darkness falls. Hoodies and blankets will be provided for your comfort and commemorative photos will be taken and made available for you to download so you take your memories home.

Additional information


  • pickup and transport
  • night sky observations
  • astrophotography
  • excursion photos

Not Included:

  • sun observations
  • sunset with cava and photos
  • restaurant meal

Pick up points: Arecife, Playa Honda, Puerto Carmen, Costa Teguise, Las Caletas, Castillo de Aguila, Playa Blanca



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