Stargazing Experience Gran Canaria

Professional astrophotography Professional astrophotography
Professional telescopes Professional telescopes
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Meal in the restaurant Meal in the restaurant


Along with the darkness comes the most spectacular view of Gran Canaria’s Night Sky! Here you can feel the vastness of the Universe where thousands of stars appear to have formed a blanket over the islands.


Stargazing Experience Gran Canaria

Stargazing Experience – telescope observations in Gran Canaria is the ultimate activity for everybody visiting Canary Islands.

Canary Islands are officially the best astrotourism destination in the whole world and seeing the stars is a must do experience for every traveller! Travel Tenerife team will make this experience unique!

The excursion:

An unforgettable experience for everyone, a chance to see beyond the horizon and be part of something great!

The Universe is open to you while on the excursion with our team. We will take you up the highest peak of Gran Canaria and show you the night sky like you’ve never seen before! With our professional telescopes and astrophotography equipment you will be able to see the planets of our Solar System, distant galaxies, nebulas, clusters and so much more!

Knowledgable guides will explain the observations to you, tell you amazing stories and facts about our Universe as well as show you how to take breathtaking astro pictures with your camera and even a cell phone through our telescopes.

The evening will start with solar observations and the most magnificent view of the Sunset and Mount Teide from Pico de las Nieves celebrated with a glass of champagne and commemorative photos. Meal in the traditional canarian restaurant will then follow before we begin the night sky observations.


Travel Tenerife has been awarded multiple times for the service we provide. Our most treasured awards are:

  • Worlds best tour operator of the year 2017 by Luxury Travel Guide World
  • Best tour operator of Spain in 2017 by Luxury Travel Guide
  • World best tour operator of the year 2016 by Luxury Travel Guide World
  • Best tour operator of Tenerife in 2016 by Luxury Travel Guide
  • Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence

During our excursion we care for your every need and make sure you feel that way. We pick you up south and north of the island in small vans or buses, we provide warm winter jackets to make sure you’re warm and cozy during observations, we inform the restaurant of your dietary requirements and we provide enough telescopes and guides to make sure you don’t have to wait too long to use the telescopes and can ask as many questions as you need. If you’re a photography enthusiast and have your camera with you, do not hesitate to let the guides know – they will assist you in taking spectacular pictures!


Stargazing Experience is not just a regular tour you can take anywhere. This is really the ultimate adventure! We go to up the highest peak of Gran Canaria. We are there in the night time without any artificial light where only the light of the stars or Moon shine upon us. We perform very sophisticated observations with our telescopes and take spectacular pictures of far away objects. During each excursion you can be part of a real astronomy session and see various objects as far away as 135 million light years away from us! Get ready to see other galaxies, places where new stars are born, comets and much more!


During the excursion we use variety of different telescopes and quite a lot of astrophotography equipment. We have professional solar telescopes with H-alpha filters as well as the whole set of night time telescopes with different filters and lenses. The professional astropictures we take during our excursions are available to you for free on our facebook page. Our certified guides have enough time to answer any questions you may have regarding astronomy, the telescopes or astrophotography. The programme of Stargazing Experience is created within the STEAM education system and is a great contribution to the school curriculum of your child. Our guides are certified by the European Union in general performance of the tour, by Canarian Institute of Astrophysics in presenting astronomical knowledge to all audiences and by Starlight Foundation as official Starlight Monitors capable of performing licensed observations.


Astronomy is one of those things that binds the family together. Stargazing Experience is special that way. We are fully prepared to welcome every member of your family from the youngest to the most mature. Have this experience together with your loved ones and later share the passion for astronomy with them as well! Especially for you, we are ready to answer all your questions and our telescopes are set for easy access by the young ones. Even though we go high to the mountains, the places we choose for the observations do not require walking.


Looking for something special for your loved ones? Maybe it’s time for the big question and you want it to be really special? There is not many things more special than the stars! Let us know in advance about your surprise plans and we’ll be there for you to assist you and take plenty of pictures and videos of your big night!


Stargazing Experience is a great way of celebrating birthdays! The sound of “happy birthday”, view of the setting sun and champagne on Pico de las Nieves will make this birthday one to remember. We will be also happy to assist you with a gift should you choose to get a telescope and have it transported for you up to Pico de las Nieves. The guides can then show you how to use it straight away during the excursion!

Our Stargazing Experience is also a perfect gift. Let us know if you’d like to receive your ticket in the form of a gift card and we’ll do that for you!

Additional information

  • Three-course meal in the restaurant at no extra cost
  • Languages: English, German, Spanish, Polish (tell us about your language while booking!)
  • Excursion days: Tuesday
  • Duration: 6-7 hours
  • Pictures from the excursion included in the price
  • Pickup from south and north of the island


If you have your camera or telescope and would like our guides to help you take astro pictures or operate the telescope, take them with you! Our guides are happy to share their passion!



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