You can book us for organised events anywhere we can see the sky!!! Do you have a party you want to plan with something a little different, take your employees on a team building event or further the experience for your pupils and show them the objects they are studying in real time? Then Travel Tenerife are available to do organised events for all ages and groups of any size. Our highly knowledgeable team of astronomers are able to travel to wherever is necessary to give you this unique experience, learning about the universe, deep space and constellations to boot. Giving you the opportunity to peep through professional telescopes at the awe inspiring vision of the night sky, Travel Tenerife’s team will show you how it works, help you take astrophotographs with your own phones and cameras and tell you stories of the universe and how it exists!!

INNOVATION – We integrate technology-based equipment including telescopes, lasers and cameras to create exclusive events, which are modern, eco friendly and well-organised enhancing each participants experience.

EXPERIENCE – Due to our vast international network, we feel at home everywhere we go and can organise events in most destinations our clients desire.
EDUCATION – We reach out to people of all ages, inspiring them to understand the universe and equip them with the telescopes and equipment to explore further than they could ever wish for, whilst our experienced astronomers provide awe inspiring information to enhance their vision.
Multiple languages – English, French, Spanish, German, Russian, Italian, Estonian, Polish, Dutch
All ages catered for
Various equipment including telescopes, lasers, cameras, computers and models
Weather permitting
Private groups
Educational groups
Team building groups
Featured events
Promotional events
Celebration events
Inter Island events – Canary Islands

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We’re also happy to provide our services to Travel Agencies and other organized and prearranged forms of tourism operators.

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