Travel Tenerife is a tourist department of Astronomy and Science Centre, an international astronomy popularising organisation.

Our direct tourism activity is Stargazing Experience, astronomy session performed by professional and internationally certified team, with the use of telescopes, astronomical lasers and astrophotography equipment. Our main base of operations is crater of volcano Teide, Tenerife (2200m above sea level).

Teide, the highest peak of the whole of Atlantic, is a well known tourism destination and one of the best places in the whole world for stargazing and practical astronomy. The sky of Tenerife is one of the clearest competing only with Hawaii and Atacama desert and the altitude of the crater of Teide guarantees getting higher than the clouds.

Our professional astronomy guides are certified by various organisations such us Starlight Foundation (official certificate for performing astronomy activities), IAC (Canarian Institute of Astrophysics) and European Union.

Throughout our activities we cooperate with universities assisting in delivery of practical knowledge and skills to the students of Astronomy and Astrophysics.

Travel Tenerife also organises courses and events with special offer for organised groups, schools and company entertainment.

Our astronomical portfolio of activities consists of night time telescope observations and astrophotography as well as day time solar telescope observations with professional solar H-alpha telescopes and fully modern 4K planetarium.