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 17.00-22.30  20.30-00.30 20.30-00.30 20.30-00.30 20.30-00.30 20.30-00.30

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Winners of the best enterprise by Mentor Day

And here we are – chosen as the  “Best Enterprise” during a special entrepreneurship in tourism training organized by Mentor Day Tenerife!

The financial award is really great but what we are most grateful for is the amazing time and company we had during the intense week of training!

Special cheers for our Executive Manager Monika Marchel who had the responsibility of delivering the presention of our pitch (in Spanish) to the investors!

Luxury Travel Guide Awards 2017


We became the laureates of the main prize awarded by Luxury Travel Guide as the Best tour Operator in the World in 2017.

The award ceremony for these prestigious awards took place in London November 2018. We are very happy that our efforts and hard work is appreciated all over the world. As astronomy enthusiasts, every day, thanks to our observations, we try to bring the universe closer and promote knowledge in the most accessible way – through experience. Tenerife, as one of the places most famous for clear skies and the Mount Teide volcano, the highest point of Spain, makes the Stargazing an incredible experience. As an organizer we appreciate the professionalism and maximum satisfaction required by our guests. We would like to thank you for your trust and great motivation, which we get from you every day.

See you on the observations.

Because the sky belongs to all!!!

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Astronomy and Science Centre Foundation

The Astronomy and Science Centre is now officially a foundation. The act of will was established on the 30th of October 2018 in Malbork, Poland.

Our main goal is to spread knowledge and education about astronomy in the international arena. As a foundation, we focus our activities so that everyone has the same access to knowledge and the opportunity to develop their interests and skills. Through educational activities, numerous training courses and cultural activities, we want to bring knowledge about astronomy and its derivatives in an interdisciplinary way.

Our goal is also to help people with disabilities, the unemployed, or leaving foster/penal institutions, etc.  Through the use  of instruments and methods of active integration, we will support people who are excluded or at risk of exclusion in their reintegration into the labour market and their social integration.

We will keep you informed about our activities.

Planetarium inauguration

On the 1st of Septebmer 2018 we presented our spectacular mobile planetarium!

With its 4K quality and capacity to fit up to 60 people inside we were able to showcase videos from NASA – National Aeronautics and Space Administration and ESO Supernova. People were in awe by the movie “From Earth to the Universe” by ESO Supernova and got to see the Sun through our professional solar telescopes.

As it is our aim to bring astronomy closer to people, with cooperation of the Uniwersytet Zielonogórski in Poland, we  prepared the astronomy book for children and parents to make astronomy easy and accessible to all! The book was gifted to all the children under the care of the Helping Hands Charity and was available to purchase during the event.

All the funds collected from the entrance tickets, the book and the raffle was directed towards the children in need thanks to the great work of Helping Hands in Tenerife (Registered Charity No: G38974762).

This was a really fun family day out enjoyed by all!!!

First trainees from Poland, University of Zielona Góra

Our first trainees from the University of Zielona Góra in Poland arrived to start their summer practice with us in Tenerife! Their task – to practice their astronomical knowledge in a real work situation as well as learn about the way astro tourism works, how interdisciplinarity is essential to the development of our projects and assist in creating modern astronomical materials for you to enjoy! Follow their progress on our social media!

Opening of the consortium

Our ideas are growing and we are growing! With all the promotion of astronomy and meeting all the great people, we realized the need for something more! That’s why we started working on our big ASTRONOMY AND SCIENCE CENTRE project whose goal is to create a fully public observatory for all the people to enjoy. Today we can proudly announce that we have created an international consortium of which we are the leaders. The consortium that will work together to make our dreams possible!

The international regatta!

As one of consortium partners we had the extreme pleasure to participate in the organization of an international sailing regatta for the opening of the Sailing Season 2018!

Not only were we the organizers and sponsors but we also participated as the only Spanish team, winning fourth place in the regatta!

Special visit to Cambridge University

Thanks to our cooperation with one of the professors at the Cambridge University we were invited for a private visit and an astronomy session in their observatory, a cooperation that ended with us getting one of their old 20 inch telescopes! The telescope has been fully renovated and is now in use during our activities.

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