Tour Opeartor of the Year 2016 for Tenerife
World Tour Operator of the Year 2016
Tour Operator of the Year 2017 for Spain

Travel Tenerife Team proudly anounce that we’ve been chosen World Tour Operator of the Year 2016! We competed with many companies from all around the World and had the pleasure to recieve the mostly prestigious Trophy during the ceremony that took place on November 2016 in London.

Travel Tenerife is an active participant in many charity events such as John Lowe Golf Classic raising founds for Pink Ribbon Organisation for fight against the breast cancer Ingane Yami raising founds for developement of schools and education in southern Africa.

Those of us who enjoy diving, regularly participate in Cleaning the Ocean events.

Travel Tenerife is also highly reccomended in Time-share Magazine. See what they say about us by following the links below: